I’m Audrey. I’m a data scientist and and recently graduated from college, where I first began my fitness journey. I’m not a fitness expert and I’ve never been able to achieve that perfect fitness body that influencers have, but I’ve still learned a lot on my journey and I’m hoping to share it with you!

My favorite sports I’ve gotten into on this journey so far are electric skateboarding, martial arts, and rock climbing, so expect to see a lot of content focused around those. If they aren’t your thing, though, don’t worry! There will still be plenty of other content to see, which you can search through on the blog page of this site.

Blog Goals

With my blog, I’m hoping to achieve the following goals:

  • Inspire other young women to enjoy all of the benefits fitness has to offer without getting bogged down in the current unproductive culture and expectation of perfection.
  • Help potential sports / fitness / health-conscious consumers through their product-purchasing journeys by writing simplified guides on which fitness products are and aren’t worth it and who they would be useful for.
  • Provide tips and advice based on my own experience and on my research!
  • Simplify scientific journal articles containing fact-based health, nutrition, and fitness information into a much more understandable form that anyone can learn from.
  • Use my background in data analysis to share some cool data-focused insights on the world of women’s sports.
  • Inspire others to try some of the amazing sports that have changed my life!

Why Trust My Word?

There are so many women’s fitness blogs out there. Why read mine?

  • I focus on the facts not on made up ideas! I’ll never recommend you a diet just because it’s popular–only if there’s actually a scientific backing behind why it’s effective. And I’ll cite my sources.
  • I have a strong background in research from my undergraduate (and current graduate) degree–having even published in a scientific journal myself–so you can trust that I have a lot of experience reading and understanding complex scientific texts to pull out and summarize the relevant information.
  • I will not actively promote a product if I… 1. Have not extensively tested it myself and 2. Would not recommend it to people in my own life. The only product related content you’ll see that I may not have personally tried out will always be researched and will never straight up recommend the product to everyone–rather focus on actually figuring out who really would benefit.
  • My background in data analysis means you’ll get a more unique and data-focused perspective than on other sites. I’ll regularly be posting data-driven exploration articles all about women’s sports that you won’t see many other places.
  • I genuinely care about helping people, not just making a quick buck. If you ever feel like my content is not doing that for you, please send me a message to tell me how I can improve!

For a full declaration of all of my income sources and which brands I make money from, you can check out the disclaimer page.